Lady Um-Jasmina bint-Ajami

Former Slave. Hepkerian Bard. Doom-Speaker.


Jasmina’s beauty is renowned across Argoth, and her intellect matches her appearance. She was once described in song as having “… a beauty like unto a moonrise in a clear heaven…”. She is a tall beauty with honey-golden skin and obviously of Hepekerian ancestry. Her eyes, however, are a bright blue-green that changes to clear grey when angered or annoyed.

Jasmina is noted as a religiously devoted woman, though her exact allegiance to the gods and goddesses of heaven remain vague. Jasmina has long been devoted to her realm and, during the reign of the Shadowdragon, her “master”.

Among Jasmina’s weaknesses, is her arrogance in understanding her own limitations. She is noted as being very “feisty” and independent, though only her enemies claim these as weaknesses, and never to her face. Jasmina is haughty, proud and arrogant. She tends to have a one-tracked mind, and focuses on a single problem until it is resolved, often forcing her to travel widely across the Dominions as she overcomes any obstacles in her path.


The origins of Jasmina’s birth and early years are obscure. She was first known as a rescued slave from the cellars below an Agrikan priest’s castle in the deep north, where a paladin chose her as his apprentice. She amply qualified, and quickly learned many things, but upon return to the lands of Shem came under the control of a former slavemaster from Hepekeria, who served the Shadowdragon of Seareach Castle.

Exactly what transpired over the next few formative years is unclear, but when she was next seen in Shem she was wholly the Shadowdragon’s creature. She served with strength and honor in his court, and it is believed, became both his Chancellor, heir and lover. With the Shadowdragon’s death at the hands of adventurers, Jasmina took control of the remaining realm, and has held it closely under her iron grip. Known now as “The Silken Princess”, she rules Seareach Castle with both love and fire, taking a hard stance on any threats to her reign. She has always maintained a connection with her folk from Hepekeria, and her presence in Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom courts is considered strange.

Lady Um-Jasmina bint-Ajami

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