Lady Vathra banRainha


Lady Vathra banRainha is a noblewoman of apparent Phaedran ancestry. 6’ 4" tall, she towers over most other humans, and her most striking feature is her waist-long silver-golden hair, complimenting her fair, translucent skin. Her silvery eyes seem to pierce right through into one’s soul, and the fact that she is a noted Psion has done little to halt people from feeling intimidated by her. She prefers to dress in flowing robes of silver and white, which maintain their luster even after a full day’s wear…

Lady Vathra chooses carefully to whom she speaks, often choosing to speak with others through her “herald” Squirrel; how exactly she came to have a young, forthright fairy as a servant is another unanswerable question about her past. When she chooses to speak with someone, it is as a peer, an equal to whom she trusts with the direct essence of her mind. Feel privileged.

Lady Vathra is given to grand gestures and proud rituals. She seems most suited to lofty halls, throne rooms and tall towers than on muddy roads in the wilderness, where she appears somewhat uncomfortable, and out-of-place. At all times, she upholds the traditions of a nobleman’s daughter and is, without a doubt, of that lineage.


Lady Vathra is the first to admit her origins are murky. She relates that she was born a nobleman’s daughter (most believe she was born to a nobleman’s maid or other servant), and raised by a merchant’s family in an isolated portion of the Land of the Two Princes, on their small estates. She was educated in basic arcana and the family’s traditional merchant’s skills of diplomacy and insight, but ultimately found “coin-counting” to be boring. Taking more to music and art, Lady Vathra was groomed to be the perfect wife to some rich nobleman. Until “it” happened.

Lady Vathra doesn’t like to talk about “the incident”, but it was enough that she refused any land claims on the family who had raised her, and taking only a small amount of coin with her, she arrived in Brightwater – City of Coins, seeking to find a new future of her own making. Most people she meets simply consider “the incident” to be an arranged marriage she did not want to participate in.

Proud, strong, and self-willed, Lady Vathra has dreams of far lands and dominions that might be her own, to order as she would without any other’s influence. She is apparently Lady in name and spirit, but not in lands or actual title.

Lady Vathra met the adventurers in Brightwater – City of Coins, portraying a woman of refinement and skill in the mystic arts. She accompanied them on their caravan trip to Frandor’s Keep, assisting in slaying a goblin raiding party, freeing the spirit of a doomed man, removing the western “nest” of The Ravens en-route. However, she also engaged in a ritual sacrifice of one of the bandit’s consorts, Birgitte, on an altar of The Forgotten God, which raised several wraiths and nearly killed several members of the expedition. She also revealed herself to be something of a Tiefling/Dragonborn. Following a coldly emotional trip to The Keep, she chose to part company with the adventurers for “philosophical” reasons, and taking her earnings, settled into The Keep for a time before heading off to parts unknown. Fangrik still calls her “Black Vathra” to this day, and it is assumed they have not seen the last of her…

Lady Vathra banRainha

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