Vistola, the Gray

Mercenary Sorceror


Vistola the Gray was a part-drow sorceror, who served Lord Urrevor Koth until his death. She served by providing ritual scrolls and Ghost Horses for his cavalry troop, and in return had unrestricted access to his amassed library of arcane lore and free food and lodging.

She was known as collector of minions, and had populated her personal lair with numerous guardians, including an air elemental, several minor demons and undead.


Vistola’s origins are a little vague, but she was picked-up by Lord Koth somewhere in his journeys in the region. That she came from the valley of The Howling is without a doubt, as she has many ties to the region, including her master, one Vikram, the Black.

Vistola died at the hands of the Fierce Creatures, in a short, brutal two-round exchange that gave her no time to cast a spell, though her Air Elemental proved a difficult foe to face, in the wake of her death. Her corpse has been disposed of among the rocks beneath Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark.

Vistola, the Gray

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