Codex of the Firmament

Lost Key to the Feywild


This scroll is all that remains of a bound collection of rituals dedicated to the skies and the element of Air.

It is one of the five mystic “Panoply of Narwen”, which together, are rumored to open a passage to the Feywild.


A long scroll with simple wooden dowels on each end. A bright-shining sun illuminates, its face. A bright-burning sun illuminates its face. On the reverse side are scribed the Nature rituals Create Sunrod (1st Level), Endure Elements (2nd Level), Daylight (8th Level), and Control Winds (12th Level).

The entire scroll has been preserved by a permanent Endure Elements effect, which is considered to be cast at the 15th Level of effect, but only affects the scroll itself.

It is in the possession of Aaron Fisher.

Codex of the Firmament

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