Trade Town of the Mark


On the far eastern edge of Lake Longbow, lies the village of Copperbeard, a once prosperous community of fishers and farmers, it actually has its origins as a lowland camp for a copper mine. When small agates were pulled form site, the town quickly grew in size and importance. At its height, the town had a population of eight-hundred when the giant armies struck, and with many settlers and miners slain, only three hundred survived the onslaught to be captured and enslaved. Smashed into tinder when the giants and ogres struck, it has only partially been rebuilt, with many burnt and moldering ruins around the town. The remaining boulders made ammunition for the resident giants easy to find and use.

A shadow of its former self, the town acted as the northern trade town of the Mark, and shipments of metal, food and lumber are carted through Copperbeard for shipment elsewhere. As a result, the town actually had a prosperous side to it, with caravaneers and traders finding refuge so long as they abide by the local laws and pay their tribute. While some locals used leather coracles to fish, or crude iron tools to farm the surrounding fields, “The Silvermoon”, a large fishing boat remains the last of the true fishing vessels of the lake. The town also provides copper and brass goods, small agates, fish and grains as tribute to their giant overlords.


Today, the town is abandoned, whilst its citizens find refuge in the barracks of Fort Bloodthorn. The clans have thrown their lot in with the Fierce Creatures, and while several small groups have joined the militia, many others toil in strengthening the town and carefully exploiting nearby Lake Longbow, knowing that in a few weeks they might be able to return to their homes, and begin a life of freedom…


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