Eye of the Gryphon

Crystal Ball from Stonefist's Dungeons


Eye of the Gryphon

The vestiges of the past, present, and future swirl within this gleaming crystal orb when you view it.

Level 8+ – Wondrous Item

Property : While you have the “Eye of the Gryphon” in your possession, you gain a +4 bonus to Arcana checks for scrying rituals.

Utility Power ♦ Daily (Standard Action)

Effect : By peering into the Eye of the Gryphon, you can get a glimpse of a creature, object, or location within 100 squares of you. When you view a subject through the Eye of the Gryphon, you see the immediate area around the subject until the end of your next turn as though you were standing beside it. Your perception of the area is with your normal senses and vision, and you are required to make Perception checks to note specific features of the area. If the subject moves, your point of perception moves with it.

A creature being scried upon, or within 5 squares of the subject being viewed with the Eye of the Gryphon, can make a Perception check versus your Arcana check. If successful, the creature is aware that it is being magically observed, and might take actions to thwart further scrying. However, the creature is not automatically aware of the observation.

Level 18 : The subject of your scrying can be anywhere within 100 miles of your location.

Level 28 : The subject of your scrying can be anywhere on your plane.

Sustain Standard : The effect persists until the end of your next turn.

Cost: The Eye of the Gryphon is nearly priceless to holders of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark, or nobility dwelling in The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon. Otherwise, it could be crassly valued and sold for around 100,000 gp to a likely buyer.


No magecraft known to the current age can produce the ancient magics of the Seeing Stones of the ancients, such as the Eye of the Gryphon, making such items highly valuable to sages, lords and mages who covet their powers. It is said there is no secret safe against the possessor of a Seeing-Stone, but the dark rumors of madness inflicted on those not capable of mastering this relic’s use are so common, there must be some truth to them.

The Eye of the Gryphon was a relic of the clan which once held the castle at Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark. It was said they could communicate across the leagues to the capital at Gallorna – City of the Iron Dragon, and possibly to the Imperial capital in The Shatter, months journey distant. Whatever the truth to these rumors, messages were known to once travel rapidly between the various important forts in The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon.

Eye of the Gryphon

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