Fort Darksun

Hidden stronghold of Baron Vartak


At the end of a steep mountain path located on the far western end of Bloodthorn Vale, Fort Darksun is an impressive stone fortress built into the side of the mountain, concealed by mountains fogs and the very nature of its rocky walls. Stone spikes and barbs stud the walls of the structure and a tall stone tower stands on the far corner, its crenellated roof overlooking the valley below.

Behind great iron doors, the fortress proves to be a tidy little retreat from which Baron Vartak has made his plans in secret, and conducts his eldritch rights in an effort to fulfill his oaths. Small, but nonetheless a strong redoubt from which he can move freely and conduct his business with few distractions, it is, perhaps, one of his greatest secrets.

The facilities are able to hold only a handful of guests and servants, but provide access to the greater world beyond through arcane passages and its very secret nature.


Fort Darksun

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