Fort Gatehouse

Entryway to Fort Bloodthorn


Fort Bloodthorn’s gates serve a dual purpose. They control foot traffic into the town, and serve as garrison for any guards assigned to the gates. Each gate can comfortably house two dozen troopers, (a quarter of a cohort) and double that in times of need. Combined they cover the housing needs for the entire local guards cohort. Locals are not required to pay taxes, and their brands allow free transit, but merchants and obvious wealth forces the visitor to pay a tax of 1sp per person or mount to enter the town. Wagons are also charged per wheel, unless the owner is forfeit.

Traditional in both style and design, the gatehouses are accessible only through the towers flanking each gate, but allow access over the gate itself, where most guards watch the infrequent traffic entering and leaving the town. The upper levels also grant access to the walls around the town, and several towers similar to the six (6) Miletowers around the town.


Built when the town walls of Fort Bloodthorn were constructed in 1046 TR, they became an important aspect of the town and fortification, namely housing the local guards cohort. They remain important for the same purpose today.

Fort Gatehouse

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