Village of Bloodthorn Vale


A small isolated thorp, located in Bloodthorn Vale consisting of a large two-story stone-and-timber longhall, a wooden palisade, a tall stone tower, and numerous outbuildings, surrounded by a slowly rebuilt palisade wall of rough timber. It once had a population of over 60 inhabitants, and was considered a Knight’s Fee by the lords of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark.

At present, the holding is ruled by Thane Ankuft Riven, the lone surviving member of the ruling clan, following an assault by the hundred-strong warriors of The Bad Moon Tribe. The remaining inhabitants include; Tattiana Horse, the local healer; Markus Horse, the resident skald; Gerhart Riven, the woodworker and meadmaker; and Frillof Horse, the village smith. Olaf Riven, the former Thane, and older brother to Ankuft, died in the fight, along with more than half the workers and farmers of the holding. Many others were wounded, and bear the scars of their fight.

As a result of the battle, the clan lost many of their valuable herds, though the orchards suffered minimal damage. The village is surviving, though it remains impoverished and in need of time to recover from their difficulties. The lengthening Winter hasn’t promised much help in this regard.


This thorp of Frosthelm has long held a small, quiet place in the history of the realm. The ruling clan is granted the holding as a “Knight’s Fee”, which implies it holds lands equal to 1200 acres. They owe, if Stonefist should demand fealty, 7200 sp in Kind, and the use of 10 archers for 90 days.

While it is presently impoverished, the clans can still field a dozen (12) warriors (both men and women), with another dozen or so commoners and many children. In addition to its woodworker and metalsmith, the clan has a number of auroch and most of its once sizable herd of sheep, and still can cultivate large swaths of barley, though most of their lands are in waste, due to a shortage of manpower. While the stone longhall has suffered from fire, its roof is in the process of being repaired, and its cellars remain well-stocked with foodstocks, sufficient to survive the coming famine; especially since there are fewer mouths to feed. They also have a large stock of weapons and arrows, and large stores of timber.

Perhaps most noteworthy, the clans practice performing a “Shield wall” in combat, granting them bonuses to defense when employing their well-made heavy wooden shields. It is an ancient tactic, that saved them greatly during the fight against the Bad Moon Orc Tribe.


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