Gallorna - City of the Iron Dragon

Fallen capital of The Mark


Gallorna is the fallen capital of The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon, an isolated river city some miles from the Grey Coast. The last intact town in the region, and currently under the control of the Church of Agrik. Two years ago, the city was retaken from the Longhelm barbarian tribe, who had, in turn, captured the town from the orcish horde that had taken it a decade earlier. The last year has been spent rebuilding the town to its former majesty, and the main walls, the fortress and the old temple have all been refurbished.

Work continues in clearing the remaining rubble and constructing new houses, and much of the populace lives in crude timber and stone shanties within the walls. The entire town is now under the control of several impromptu gangs that are known to fight both the warriors of the Temple and each other.

Nearly 2000 people live in Gallorna, 500 of whom are the temple’s control. These forces include 300 warriors, 100 mercenaries and about 100 priests and acolytes of Agrik. In addition, numerous bands of lizardman allied to the Church of Agrik, reside throughout the city, adding more weight to their rule.


Gallorna - City of the Iron Dragon

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