Ghost Horse


Ghost Horse – Level 11 Brute (XP 600)
Large Natural Animate (Mount, Undead)

Initiative +9
Senses Perception +6

HP 143; Bloodied 71
AC 23; Fortitude 24, Reflex 23, Will 20
Speed 12 (60 miles per day)
Load 250 lbs (Normal), 500 lbs (Heavy), 1250 lbs (Push/Drag).

Kick (Standard, At-Will) : *+14 vs AC; 3d6+5 damage.
Shadow Symbiosis (While mounted by a friendly rider of 11th level or higher; At-Will) : Mount : The horse’s rider gains Resist 20 Necrotic.
Airy Gallop : While the mounts cannot fly, they gallop over open chasms, descend safely from cliffs, and even gallop uphill into the air with a successful DC 15 Will check. They cannot stand still while using this ability, and must constantly move each round, or will fall.

Alignment Unaligned
Languages -

Skills : None.

Str 20, Dex 18, Wis 13
Con 23, Int 2, Cha 7


Ghost Horses are undead steeds appearing with rent skin, revealing bones beneath, and having all flesh removed from their equine skills. Ghost Horses do not readily tolerate riders of good alignment; such riders must keep a close watch on their mounts, and make a DC 21 Will check when mounting and every hour thereafter. At any rate, they can only be ridden with the specially enchanted bridles and saddles, equipped when they are raised.

Ghost Horses are more fragile seeming then flesh-and-bone warhorses, but are aggressive and formerly well-trained warhorses in life. They dislike natural sunlight and attempt to escape its direct rays. They can only be ridden on cloudy days, or at night without becoming unmanageable and trying to throw their bonds and riders.

Created from the corpses of fallen warhorses killed in battle, or sacrificed to dark gods such as Sarrok – The Gray Slayer or Agrik – The Harbinger. They are then prepared with necromantic rituals; the skin and flesh of their heads are removed to expose their skulls, and they are then washed in the waters of a well consecrated to a dark power and shod in black cold iron quenched in virgin blood. Only then can they be raised using an Animate Dead Ritual. The ghostly hoofprints of a Ghost Horse freeze and blacken the ground they touch, leaving behind frost. They slowly blacken and harm any woods or gardens growing nearby their lairs/stables.

Ghost Horse

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