Horn of the Horde

Necromantic Summoning Horn


An ancient black ivory horn of some unknown beast, engraved with ancient Common runes and images of skeleton warriors marching to war. Hard as iron, the horn seems very tough, and is pierced in places with wrought iron rings, holding the strap with which one can carry the large artifact.

Music played with this horn is deep, chilling and hauntingly beautiful. Furthermore, the instrument never tarnishes or shows any signs of wear during regular use – it remains dark and forboding and cold as black ice.

Property : You gain a +5 Implement bonus to performing Charisma-based Skill Checks when using this Implement.

Summoning of the Horde – (Encounter) : Standard Action.
Effect : When you sound the Horn, all creatures within 1 mile hear its call. Allies within that range are awakened if they are sleeping, and instantly know your location, hit point total, and any effects currently affecting you.


The Horn of the Horde appears to be an ancient Ninnellen battle horn, often used by outriders, scouts and war leaders as a means to summon fellows to danger or war.

Found by the Fierce Creatures in the northern reaches of the Celestial Woods in northern Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom, The Horn of the Horde was being employed by an orc shaman to raise an army of undead. Originally its true purpose was unknown by the group, and Lord Taumus of House Daure took an interest in the object (for purely scientific reasons… of course…), keeping it among his personal effects. Drew the Avaricious has since taken possession of the artifact, and uses it in support of Fierce Creature’s efforts in the Vale.

It has since been identified as possibly being used to take control of Baron Vartak’s hidden army of skeleton warriors and lead them in an assault against the Baron and his orc army at Fort Bloodthorn. Karma.

Horn of the Horde

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