Lake Longbow

Important Fishery of the Mark


An important fishery of the interior of The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon, Lake Longbow is an idyllic freshwater lake located along the border between Bloodthorn Vale and the northern village of Copperbeard. It is the source of the Ox River, the longest river of the Mark.

Once surrounded by small fishing homesteads along its northern and eastern edges, today few shoreline structures have not been swallowed by the lake or collapsed into the lake over the years. Longbow Deep is the most well known collapse due to the remnants of an old stone fort at the mouth of the Longbow, where the Blue Ox River flows out of tunnels beneath Fort Bloodthorn forming a cascade that tumbles into the lake below.

Lake Longbow, although expansive, is rather shallow, rarely reaching depths of over twenty feet. Although the lake waters tend to be calm ( Swim DC 10 to traverse), they can prove treacherous, with debris and fallen tree roots encumbering the swimmer from time to time (Failed check requires an Athletics DC 15 to wriggle free of debris).



Long a fishery and farmland, Lake Longbow most of its population and many of its outlying settlers were lost with the Hateful Wars in 1041 TR. The giants that held sway over the lake spent little time examining or treading near it, so the area has been largely ignored in the last decade, save by small fishing parties seeking a temporary camp along its shores. It was mostly used as a landmark by visiting traders or travellers heading north-west to Fort Bloodthorn.

The town was abandoned in mid-1050, with the death of Eshirg, the Earth Titan and most of her hill giant underlings, at the hands of the Fierce Creatures. Its citizens found refuge in Fort Bloodthorn’s barracks, while the armies of the Fierce Creatures began their campaign marking the end of giant rulership of The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon.

The south-western portion of the lake borders a large brooding marshland, known to be the haunt of a tribe of lizardmen, The Rockscales, who rarely leave their abode, known as “Greentusk Marsh”. The lizardfolk are known for their quiet and stealthy ways, and are rarely seen or bother any, save those who disturb their home. For a time, they were preyed upon by a small band of equally stealthy bugbears, who hunted them for their fine leathery hides, and today only around sixty or so of the lizardfolk are believed to remain alive. The tribe uses a unique form of marsh-reed raft with small outrigger logs to move about their domain, and if spotted, it is considered a good omen. They tend to hunt and fish in small fire-camps of six to ten each, all across the 20 or so square miles of their marsh.

Lake Longbow

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