Maig Tuira

Ruined Village


Ten miles south of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark, across the open plains, are the remains of a fortified village. Maig Tuira (C: “Home of the Tuira” ) is typical of ancient villages in the region, and notable because of its location; dangerous, but located far enough off the main trade routes to attract little trade or prosperity. There was no other way-stop or market within an ox’s ride of the village, and now there is none at all.

Surrounded by a 3’ earthen ramp behind a ditch, the burnt remains of a thorn hedge can be found, clinging desperately to life. In the village, numerous classically round stone huts lie in a rough tumble, with bowl-shaped thatched roofs and sunken 3’-deep into the ground. The largest, central hut is the village mead hall, and its central gathering point.

Outside the village, lie several close copses of hardwoods, holding nuts and berries, while the village fields lie in a clump along the main road into town from the north-east, stone hedgerows marking individual lands. Several large sheepfolds are scattered through out these fields, providing shelter for the village’s once large herds.


Founded beyond present memory, the village was an ancient hold, its clan, the Paddocks, known for the quality of their goat’s hair and oats.

On their way to lay siege Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark, the army of King Mogthrasir of Tjalf disptached a small part of his army to sack the village and carry its inhabitants off as drudges for the hard work of the siege to come. The entire clan was captured and led into slavery, and the village looted.

Today, the village is hauntingly intact, though some thatch roofs are burnt-out and the former contents of the brochs broken and scattered. One burnt-out hut is torn apart, and in its ashes lay the bones of the dead Paddock clan, charred and broken apart for food.

The truth of the village’s end is more than appears; Baron Vartak has always played the long game.

Having scouted the terrain before his arrival, he knew the best place for his personal stronghold lay atop the rough stony peak of the nearby crag, so he had the village raised to hide its location. While indeed the village’s herds and people served in the siege, their end was secondary to the Baron’s plans once the army moved on…

Unfortunately for the Baron, however, one survivor saw him raise the stronghold of Fort Darksun, one Baga Paddock, who was out bringing the herds from an isolated pasture. Now living in the village tavern, quietly, he keeps the knowledge, and his own existence, to himself.

Maig Tuira

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