Goblin Trading Post of the Mudroot Clan


Mejketek is trading post and fortress used by the goblin tribe known as the Kdyzj, or “The Mudroots”. They remain guarded, but not unfriendly. From this post, they send small bands of traders across the eastern realms of Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom, bringing wealth adn supplies to the fort in exchange for cheap weapons, knick-knacks and sometimes rare artifacts. In particualr, the merchants seek grain, beer, metal and other worked items for clocks, gems, iron ingots and other commodities they possess and make.

A mixture of warriors, merchants and servile slaves, each member of the tribe has its place, though it is always under the leadership of the old, grizzled goblin chief, Cherktrag. Keenly intelligent, he speaks Common very well, enjoys barter, and is known to be a ritual caster of lost lore. At any given time, some thirty (30) or so members of the tribe are present, though the number can significantly swell during the Winter months. 2/3s are workers, while the rest are warriors.


The valley around Mejketek is a meeting point of two creeks; the Crosscut Creek leading from Fort Vakhund, and the other from deep in the heart of the Celestial Woods. West of the fort lies the broad and shallow start of the Darkwine River, central source of water to Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom, that winds its way west to Pelargir – City of Ghosts and the great oceans.

The area around the fort has been cleared, though it remains hemmed by the dark green firs of the Celestial Woods. The fort itself, sits slightly above a marshy area, and consists of several small round mud and stone huts, and the ruins of a tall keep, rebuilt with a conical bark roof, that steams in the cold weather, surprisingly lacking any snow.

Within, is a single open area where all the denizens live, sleep, eat, cook, and undertake all their daily activities together. It is a crowded, filthy, noisy wreck of a place at all times. A huge stone-lined pit occupies the center of the chamber, surrounded by a bare flagged floor covered in places by dry rushes, blankets and rugs. long benches surround the fire pit, and are pushed against the walls. At the room’s far end is a large, wooden chair draped in loose crimson cloth, and framed by two tall braziers. Crates, barrels and other storage containers lie akimbo throughout. To one side of the fire pit are six massive bronze kettle-drums.

Surprisingly, the interior of the roof is all hammered copper. Glistening and reflecting both light and heat back into the hall. Dozens of sma holes have been covered, that allow smoke to escape, though the chamber is often a smoldering, smoky place. Nightly festivities include raucous drinking games of grog, singing of ballads and popular drinking songs, kettle-drum m rusic and roasted mushrooms taken from the large cellars below the ruins. The mushrooms are reputedly mildly poisonous, and instill a euphoric effect on the consumer.

Guests are traded with, given a spot on the floor to sleep, and as circumstances demand, treated to their smoked mushrooms and heady mushroom grog. The tribe also willingly enslaves the unwary…


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