Defensive Gates of the Giant's Wall


Located roughly every three (3) miles in The Giant’s Wall, Milecastles contains a stone and timber barracks capable of housing over 120 troops, or at least one cohort, and a small mess area with a oven and pantry. There is also a similar-made stable (with room for twenty mounts) with a small smithy, and a staircase leading to the castle’s ramparts. Above the gate rests a tower rising another 15’ over the wall that provides an impressive view of the lake and lands to the south. The towers over the gates are very similar to Miletowers in appearance and purpose, though the lower level is open and provides a killing zone from the upper level’s murder holes. All castles are rectangular in shape, with rounded corners.

Each is designed to hold one of Baron Vartak’s orcish cohorts, and provide a means to cross through the wall for trade or offensive purposes. Little actual trade passes through these castles, however, and they have proven more commonly used as sally ports for bored orcs to do their own raiding. Due to failing number s of troops, these castles are rarely home to more than twenty (20) or so troopers.

The names of the forts are, running west to east; One Brew, Haltwhistle, and Coltbridge, traditionally housing the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Cohorts, respectively.


When Fort Bloodthorn fell into the orc hands during the winter of 1049-1050 TR, the forts were stripped of their surviving garrisons and abandoned. With the subsequent capture of the fortifications to the army under the Fierce Creatures, the important fortifications remain un-manned due to a lack of sufficient troops to properly secure them.


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