Miletowers are an important feature of The Giant’s Wall. Two smaller towers or turrets are placed one every mile between each Milecastle, the idea being to ensure that every inch of the wall could be seen during daylight. Each adds an additional fifteen (15) feet to the twenty (20) foot height of the wall, and a small guardroom where troopers can stay out of the wind and weather.

Although each might house a squad of up to ten troopers in need, they are rarely home to more than two or three. pallets are built into the stone of he walls, keeping the open space available for other common uses, such as cooking, working and storing personal effects. Supplies are stored in each for a week’s stay, and ample water is kept in a cistern built into the upper tower wall. Large numbers of spare bolts are kept for the trooper’s crossbows, and access is provided directly from the upper level onto the Giant’s Wall.


Each Miletower was built into the Giant’s Wall as the stone bulwark was constructed during its two year development phase, and completed in 1045 TR. Each was traditionally held by orc troopers from the next Milecastle when moving away from Fort Bloodthorn.

With the fall of Baron Vartak and eventually Fort Bloodthorn, these strongholds remain empty. Today, they remain unused, but still an important part of the Giant’s Wall, especially if the army under the Fierce Creatures should ever grow to a large enough size to allow their original use once more.


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