Thorp of Stonefist


A small thorp and farming community some miles east of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark, Paddock was once beholden to that fortress. Ruled by the small, but successful Paddock clan, the forest village managed to survive the Hateful Wars, and have lived in fair isolation in the rugged western pine forests of The Dark Fence.

Today, the small village consists of a handful of rough barns, pens and longhouses held by the clan and its followers. The entire steading is surrounded by a low stone wall, and a ditch filled with oil-soaked thorn bushes. The steading maintains a large herd of swine, and farms barley and wheat, in sweeping fields outside the walls. It also keeps a handful of apple trees for a locally made though unpopular, apple cider.

The clan is led by Thane Beathan Paddock, who took the reins with the death of his grandfather, Harailt during the Hateful Wars. In all other ways, both clan and its leader are unremarkable. They maintain a militia of twenty (20) male and female warriors that are very good hunters and capable of tracking and watching the trails around their village.


Ancient, but not very important, Paddock is the home of the Paddock Clan, a small clan of Ninnellen who settled here long before the founding of Stonefist. When the humanoid armies of the Hateful Wars struck Shadowfang – “Pebble” in 1042 TR, they also destroyed Paddock. Luckily, the majority of the clan managed to flee with their herds into the high pastures, and managed to survive relatively intact.

The surviving clan moved back into their old hold, rebuilt from the ruins, and have managed to stay out of the minds of most of the nearby tribes. When a wandering giant or small orc band appears, they are paid-off in swine, and left alone.

During the Second Battle of Stonefist, the clan sent ten (10) warriors from their militia to assist in the defense of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark against


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