Redstone - Barony of Steel and Flame

Realm of Evil


The Barony of Redstone lies in the western reaches of The Beast Shards, along the Bay of Drek, held by Baron Vlad of Redstone. Also known as “The Warlord”, he rules his dominion with an iron fist. The central town of over 1000 people is dominated by the Baron’s residence of Fort Doom, a forbidding structure whose dungeons are rumored to be filled with those who have displeased the Baron, an extremely cruel and unpopular man. The Baron may have connections with the evil slavers of the Iron Ring and other mercenaries. He keeps a garrrison of 200 human troopers, using them freely to stifle dissent and crush raiders. He is supported by human and goblinoid mercenaries, as well as by his powerful court mage, Barton the Infamous.

The Redstone Laws only hold sway here. That first law is : Obey the Baron or Die. Lesser laws change from day to day, with his whims; it may be legal to commit murder one day, illegal to spend gold the next. All crimes are punishable by death unless the Baron chooses to show leniency. This he does when he thinks the person will cause him more amusement (or wealth) if left alive.

The people of Fort Doom (formerly The Hag’s Fort) are mostly Common fishermen. Each fishing family is required to leave a family member hostage with the guards; should a fisherman sail away, the hostage will be killed. The guardsmen are humans and some imported orcs; other nasty humanoids, particularly bugbears, walk the streets at will and occasionally fight for the Baron. This is a haunted and ugly place, and, except for Baron Vlad, Barton, and the numerous guards and mercenaries who live high off the sweat of others, everyone would love to flee Fort Doom. Because those who flee are hunted down, often caught, and always slain when found, few people escape.


Redstone - Barony of Steel and Flame

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