Isolated Holdfast


An isolated village that grew up around a large homestead in the beautiful valley located 45 miles northeast of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark. The clan’s sheep, goats and cattle roam the northern stretch of the valley, carefully watched by their keepers, lest they wander or be eaten by hungry giantkin. The entire region has a very pastoral atmosphere to it.

Such a calm and quiet feeling is more of a watchful sleep, however, with hunters and trappers ranging the edges of the valley and daring orc attack to wrest fine furs, rare herbs and other goods of nature from the valley and mountains. During the late spring, traders daring Snowreach Pass enter The Howling and bring sweet wines, fine knives and other manufactured goods from Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom to trade for the coming harvests. Even dwarven wanderers are seen around this time, seeking wool and grain to trade for their steel tools and precious metals.

Silverthane Manor : Led by the old matron Lady Anneke Silverthane, “The Stormdaughter”, the village is controlled from her extensive longhouse and farm, lying in the shadow of their ancient fortress. Two extended family clans also farm with her, with the Halter Clan farming and generally upkeep the land, while the Malvier Clan look after the horses, sheep and other livestock. Many locals spend their “downtime” working the fields alongside these clans in various tasks, while operating side trades, such as clothiers and hideworkers.

Anneke’s twin sons, Sturm and Sigurd, supposedly foreman the farm’s efforts, but seldom spend more than a week at a time in the village, and often argue with each other and their mother on matters of her regency. They tend to go off harrassing orc patrols and seeking glory through combat. The Halter Clan’s eldest son, Jan, actually does most of their work for them, with the blessing of Anneke. Gunnar, Anneke’s youngest son, visits his mother often, but tends to do whatever is asked by Jan, taking little initiative to lead the clans or the settlement. He is, however, somewhat bookish, and keeps extensive maps of the region in his possession.

Watchtowers : Small wooden towers, these two Snowreach Watchtowers shelter rangers and keep an eye on the roads leading through the village.

Innkeeper (“Snowreach Inn”) : ### $$$ : Owned by Kara Oakhaven, the matron, she works the taphouse her grandfather built to house troops of the Iron Legion, it still depends on visiting Rangers for much of its coin, taking barter with locals for food, drink and lodging. Usually finding patronage from farmhands, visiting Rangers and tradesmen, it is a place to gather for word from abroad. The most common discussion is regarding missing family from The Hateful Wars.

The inn is a two-building structure. In late fall, winter and early spring, the closest building acts as a longhall for the 30 or so patrons it might receive on a busy night. Three suites are built on the second floor for visitors, and matron keeps a room for herself under the stairs. The kitchen is small, but serves simple dishes taken from a common hearth and cauldron, such as stews, bread and roasts. In summer, business booms, and local boys and girls are hired to cover the framework out back next to the second building with canvas and erect numerous tables and benches around the outdoor grill. The other building acts as a smokehouse, storehouse and wine cellar. During these times, one is lucky to get floor space inside, and many patrons camp under the tables for the night.

Ironson Manor : The leader of the Snowreach Rangers, Hogrun Ironson lives in a small stone house he built with his own hands, that has since been expanded. It is mostly a small, typical stone house of the northern clans, but he has had a small addition added to act as a war room/office, and a small stone barn is behind it to house livestock and mounts in his possession. The office has a large collection of maps of the region, including plans for more Snowreach Watchtower across The Mark, and suspected troop movements in the giant’s kingdom.

Snowreach Rangers Barracks : Formerly an abandoned old barn, the building was rebuilt to house visiting Rangers in the village. During Winter months, many young locals come here for training in bow and sword, in exchange for one month’s service in Spring. The building sprawls from its original foundations, and now could house two-hundred troops in need. Most Rangers have semi-private rooms to stow personal effects, and consider the place home if they do not have family to live with.

Metalworker (Smith) : #### $$$ : West Rigger is one of the most peculiar inhabitants of the village, a tall, burly gnome he constantly works bare-chested over his outdoor forge repairing farm tools and weapons, or using his crucible to smelt down iron scrap for arrows and spears. During the long, slow Winter months, Rigger indulges himself in new tools, unusual weapons, and even armor. His weapons are the best in the region, outside of dwarven metalwork, and boast an attention to detail that would satisfy a dwarf. Rigger has been known to accept barter for his work.

Hideworker (Furrier) : ### $$$ : The ancient dwarf Candle runs this shop, buying leather and furs from locals, for later speculation. Small furs (5 cps), Large furs (1 sp), Trophy furs (45% listed value). The shop is poular among the rougher crowds, however, for the informal gambling den he runs in the back room, where he serves a potent fermented apple cider called “Dragonfire”. His wife, Vedra, also a veteran warrior, manages four young locals in preparing leather for work, and who then convert the leather into hide armor, simple packs, belts and harness. Neither claims any clan name.

Hideworker (Furrier) : ### $$$ : Once a common trapper, Dolm Redmarten is familiar with the local hunters and trappers, and purchases furs on the cheap from friends of his selling them in bulk to visiting merchants. He even accompanies visiting merchant caravans every couple years with choice bits for trade in Frandor’s Keep, or even Brightwater – City of Coins. He tries not to sell many good furs, rather hoarding them for his own expedition, knowing he can get a very fair price closer to civilization, but sometimes needs ready coin, and sells to visiting traders, or through Worn Boot Trading. If promied enough money, he might be convinced to act as a guide among the local farms and trapper’s homesteads.

Clothier (Tailor) : ### $$$$ : Asturias Piper owns and runs this shop, making proper cloth of good quality for sale to locals, though he tends to be pricey. He sometimes makes clothing, if commissioned, but tends to make whole cloth bolts of local clan colors and patterns. He does some repairwork, but also purchases salvaged cloth and clothing, which he refurbishes and makes into “new” clothing for those unable to afford his normal prices ($$$), though this tends to still be over-priced. He is unmarried.

Chandler (“Worn Boot Trading”) : ### $$$ : Oervel Copperpiece, or Pieces is the son of a Hepekerian trader who settled here with his local wife, and who opened the formal market under the auspices of The Mangai. Both died of the Grey Wasting when Oervel was only twelve. He soon took up tradework, acting as a go-between among the locals with visitors, and established his credentials as his father’s son with The Mangai some years ago, taking up his inheritance.

He operates as the formal representative for many local farmers in trading wool, furs and other goods in bulk with visiting traders. He ensures they get good prices and keeps merchant’s happy by filling their wagons with quality merchandise. As a side venture, he operates as a chandler by speculating on trade goods needed by locals and a few luxuries, such as salt, spices, cloth, rare oils and woods, fine wax, vellum and writing ink. He has yet to chose a wife.

Traptown : Built just below the falls of Windy Creek, this ramshackle group of nearly twenty trapper clans live in small timber cabins along the creek with their families and young children. The settled families live mostly by fishing, while the others trap and bring in meat and trade furs and hides for cash. Many clan hunters travel in pairs as partners, sharing kills and work, as well as finding protection in numbers. Some dangerous characters live among them, but most are just rather simple and poor.

Miller (Watermill) : ### $$$ : Known as “The New Mill” by locals, it was built nearly twenty years ago by Hubert Eggwarder and is run by himself and his two daughters. Hubert was originally from Gallorna – City of the Iron Dragon, and came here at the Guild’s request, settled down with a local girl and built the mill. He serves practically the entire valley region, and sees work sometimes from isolated steadings outside the vale. Most locals still see him as an outsider, and something of a parasite, though admittedly a necessary one. Among the other craftsmen, however, he is respected, and his best friend is Rigger, the Smith.

Sheeptown : A small cluster of lodges next to Down Lake, the dozen hunters and fishermen families that live here are very similar to those in Traptown, with the exception many also keep small herds of goats, sheep and cattle. The clans tend to herd theri animals as a group, ensuring predators and orcs take as few as possible.


Founded centuries ago, along the northern edge of The Howling by


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