Spirit of the Wood Inn

Ruined Fey Inn


The Spirit of the Wood Inn is found at the end of an ancient road winding through a worn pathway through the forest south-east of Frandor’s Keep. DImly visible in the gloom of its surrounding trees, it is an old, ramshackle building. Overgrown and encrusted with moss and ferns that remain green despite the depths of winter, its old bark shingles and rough timbers make it seemingly a part of the forest itself, a fey hillock in the deep of the primeval woods. Close examination revelas gaping windows and its open, yawning front door.

Within, the rooms are dark and empty, save for rotting remains of tables, chairs and pallets. In the common room, a ghostly blue light burns in the cental hearth, creating weird shadows against the walls. Scattered skeletons include goblins, satyr, centaurs and other, less identifiable remains.


Little is known about this ancient ruin. It once served travellers along the pass into Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom, but was destroyed by fire and sword by unknown bandits. That it was once owned and served as a shelter to fae is apparent to any who investigate the ruins, with the skeletons of satyr, centaur and other fae-kin scattered about in its ruins.

Perhaps most importantly, a great blue fire burns in its hearth to this day, failing to give heat, but providing light to the wreckage and adding to its gloom.

Recent investigation of this ruin has proven it to be near a gate to the Feywild, and that the hearth seems to take on the elemental nature of a weapon Brightflame when thrust inside, becoming a hostile elemental of the same type, who attacks unless pushed back inot the hearth, or destroyed, whereupon it becomes the heat-less blue flame once more… Destruction of the elemental causes it to burst into five whisps of blue flame who then flee back into the hearth to merge.

Spirit of the Wood Inn

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