Spirit-Staff of Narwen

Lost Key to the Feywild


This staff is all that remains of the mark of position within the druid circle once ruled over by Narwen, the Great Druid of a forgotten order. It has been discovered that the staff is a Staff of Command.

It is one of the five mystic “Panoply of Narwen”, which together, are rumored to open a passage to the Feywild.


This is a fiery, ruby-studded masterwork quarterstaff. A pair of burning gold wings decorates its top, and the other end is capped with a red claw. It is worth several hundred gold for its workmanship alone. A permanent aura of arcane power makes the staff glow with flames and inner power.

At present, the Spirit-Staff of Narwen is in the possession of Lord Taumus of House Daure.

Spirit-Staff of Narwen

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