"The Spear of the Erstwhile" - Minor Artifact


Great Spear +1

Employed two-handed, the weapon is clearly a powerful spear though seems incomplete, as though it is missing a forged head. It remains, however, rather powerful, and has Reach 2, strikes as though a Great Spear,and can be wielded proficiently by anyone with the ability to wield Two-Handed Superior Melee Weapons.

Dark BoonPower (At-Will – Healing) : Immediate Reaction.
Trigger : Any time the wielder can confirm a critical hit with Thaniflex, they heal one hit point (1 HP) of damage, up to their full maximum, normal hit points.

Omen : Whenever its wielder successfully strikes an opponent, the light around both wielder and foe dims momentarily.


A long, sharp-pointed spear constructed of some sheer, black wood that defies detailed examination. It is often surmised it was crafted of pure shadow-stuff, though it seems to be made of an exotic black and bronze-veined wood. It also bears the dried blood of countless fallen enemies.


Bloodright : Rise of the Border Princes Robling