The Band of the Red Hand

Mercenary Army of the Fierce Creatures


A large group of mercenary hobgoblins, dedicated to whoever pays them well. They have served with various lords in The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon, and have come to Baron Vartak’s service with promise of great wealth and the potential of their own new base of operations; Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark. Their leader is one Lupe, the Battlelord, and their lead liaison officer is Consort Ulwai Stormcaller.


Numbering a little over a cohort, they are warriors of some repute, strong and capable in their own rights as soldiers. Although still goblins, they are professionals, and do their utmost to fulfill their contracts, if they can.


In addition to some 100 hobgoblins, the troop also includes a number of goblin servants, kobold scouts, and a small band of ogres who serve as artillery and siege bearers. They keep a handful of wagons for their supplies, and human slaves as camp followers to maintain their camp and prepare their needed supplies and food.


Long formed from various wandering bands of hobgoblins, the Band of the Red Hand were formed during the Hateful Wars when the giants and their allies claimed The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon for their own (1042 TR). Serving various lords throughout the conflict, and several others since, they have a reputation for professionalism and the ability to get the job done.

They were mustered for an assault on the hold of the Fierce Creatures, with the promise that they could have the stronghold for themselves if they could capture it by Baron Vartak, but their initial failure and their employer’s death led to the mercenary’s contract (and the dragon’s hoard) falling into the hands of the Fierce Creatures, resulting in their entering into employment with their former enemies.

Attacking from their encampments around the village of Shadowfang – “Pebble”, protecting the holdings of the Fierce Creatures, the mercenaries assaulted Fort Bloodthorn and its orcish forces in mid-1050. Looting the fortified garrison town, they have become very well-supplied, and now garrison the town in anticipation of more actions in the coming months before another cold winter blows in from the Wolf’s Run

The Band of the Red Hand

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