The Dark Fence

Mountains of Shadow


The Dark Fence or the “Pele Hui” (Elvish) is a mountain range that forms the northern border of The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon. The Dark Fence is nearly 120 miles in length, stretching from The Howling and its pass, continuing east where it reaches the northern fringes of the Twilight Forest, land of the elves. The steep cliffs and harsh winds of the range have made it impassable to any trade or standard travel. Blackened from the ash streaming across The Howling from The Hellfurnaces, have given them their namesake color.

The Dark Fence is flanked by the nations of The Mark to their south, and the wilderness region known as Liondale, a rugged realm of northmen who are rumored to have the blood of great mountain cats. Some small dwarven clans inhabit concealed strongholds within the Peaks. Giants are also known to dwell in the mountains.

The Dark Fence are a source of many precious gems and minerals.


The Dark Fence

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