The Giant's Wall

Defensive Works on the border of The Mark


The Giant’s Wall is an ambitiously-designed defensive work, that possibly rates as one of the wonders of the region. The complete wall stretches for more than twelve miles, standing 20’ high and 10’ thick, made of masonry filled with rubble and backed by a sloping turf footing granting immense strength to the south-facing of the stonework. The wall is sectioned with Milecastles roughly every three miles, providing garrisons for the wall, as well as access past the walls for either sorties or trade.

In the center of the valley between the mountain ridges where The Hellfurnaces and The Painted Peaks meet, is a fortified city, Fort Bloodthorn, which is the primary access point between Bloodthorn Vale and The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon. In addition to trade and supplies, the town is important as the administrative center for the Barony, and provides most of its armies with housing and services. The bulk of the Baron’s army is usually encamped herein.


Construction began in early 1042 TR during the opening years of Baron Vartak‘s reign, it was built to ensure the Baron’s lands remain sacrosanct from wandering giant and other humanoid bandits. Taking three years, the construction gave the Baron’s engineers a great deal of training, and allowed them to cut their teeth on real engineering problems, rather than just assembling war machines. In 1045 TR, the main wall was completed, along with its Milecastles, while the central fort of Fort Bloodthorn took an additional year. In 1046 TR, the fortification was declared complete, and officially marked the territory of Baron Vartak and his army of The Dark Sun.

During the latter part of the 1040s, the Giant’s Wall was taken over by Baron Vartak’s growing undead horde, but most of these were eradicated by orc guards bored with patrolling the walls. As of mid-1050, the Wall remains unmanned and rarely watched over, but still provides a means of keeping casual intrusion out of Bloodthorn Vale.

The Giant's Wall

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