The Hellfurnaces


Located in the mid-western section of The Beast Shards, the Hellfurnaces are a stretch of mostly barren rock interspersed with a few cloud-scraping, snow-covered peaks that sometimes explode in flame and ash. Travellers are always within sight of smoke plumes, bubbling hot springs, or other volcanic activity. Six major and a dozen minor plumes are noted on maps, but the nature of the mountains and valleys changes almost weekly, making accurate maps nearly impossible.

Between the many sharp ridges and smoking stones, lie numerous ash-heaped valleys that have proven extremely fertile, promoting wild growth of rare and exotic plants in complete isolation. The vales, while difficult to access, have also proven rich in water, often boasting deep, expansive lakes of black, though wholesome water. The contrast of heavy undergrowth amid the barren stones is striking.

It is rumored that some of the most dangerous creatures to dwell in the Underdark claim the caves and hidden valleys of the Hellfurnaces as their home, and they are engaged in almost constant war against each other. These conflicts sometimes spill into the surface, but rarely in anything more abrupt than a slave raid, and they never remain on the surface long. It is rumored that a lost city of the Underdark is located at the heart of the Hellfurnaces, long since haunted by ghosts who have abandoned their many treasures in the depths…

Fire giants, hell hounds, red dragons and their lizardman minions, and manticores are known to live in the trackless heights of the Hellfurnaces. Bugbears, firedrakes, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs and ogres also dwell among the ruins. A powerful storm giant lord is said to rule in the heights, though he cares little for the mortals in the lowlands, and often sends raids to bring treasures and booty to his great fortress.

Fort Doom, the capital and central fortress of Redstone – Barony of Steel and Flame lies along the southern coast of the Hellfurnaces, and the town and its realm have long remained in its shadow.


IN its most ancient legends, Drahken claim that the Hellfurnaces were a site for great wars between dragon and giant, eventually leading to the rise of the great Pyrethirst, a storm giant who enslaved the local giant tribes and even its dragons and brought peace to the western portions of the Beast Shards. Hobgoblins were said to be instrumental as mercenary troops in his armies, and have remained a strong, militant force in this region. Orcs, popular as mercenaries in the drahken forces, were practically eliminated from this region, and never recovered in strength or numbers to lair here since.

The Hellfurnaces

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