The Kingdom of Tjalf

"The Land of Toil"


Formerly known as The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon, this kingdom has fallen under the yoke of giants and their kin, during the Hateful Wars of 1042 TR. Ruled by King Mogthrasir of Tjalf, a former clan chief of an important fire giant clan from The Hellfurnaces. He has granted fiefs among the various minor giant clans who fought with him, usually former villages and towns, though not all clans have treated this largesse with an eye towards the future, and have plundered and eaten their way through both their resources and population. Today, numerous villages lay empty and barren, giving the realm a haunted, lonely feel.

The borders of this realm are dominated by mountains and forests, and with the realm only lightly settled, vast swaths of the vale’s edges have never seen the plow or a hunter’s bow in a generation.The three major terrain features, are The Dark Fence to the north-east, Bloodthorn Vale to the north-west, The Hellfurnaces along the west, the Bay of Drek to the south, and the distant Titan Head Mountains.


The Kingdom of Tjalf

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