The Liber Mortis


The Liber Mortis is an ancient collection of some of the greatest rituals and the greatest treatise on the dark aspects of necromancy in the land. Its black leather cover seems to radiate both evil and corruption, even while the book itself remains spotless and clean, though definitely old. It is bound in the black and wrinkled hide of some eldritch beast, and its pages are seemingly made from the skins of various humanoid creatures, and each is covered in arcane writing painted in blood from these same creatures. There is a brazen skull symbol, that seems to wend its way into the very leather of its cover and a bronze latch keeps the tome closed when not in use.

Ultimately, the Liber Mortis, is a Ritual Book. It contains the following Rituals:

  • Animate Skeleton
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Detect Undead
  • Invisibility to Undead
  • Speak with Dead
  • Gentle Repose
  • Magic Circle
  • Create Undead
  • Create True Undead

Possession of the tome grants the following powers and properties:

Property : You gain a +2 Item bonus to Arcana and History checks. The Liber Mortis promises that this bonus can be increased if it is pleased with the completion process…

Property : When using a power with the Arcane, Healing or Necrotic keywords, you gain a +2 Power bonus to attack rolls and a +2 Power bonus to damage rolls.

Property : Casting any ritual within its covers, grants a bonus caster level to its holder in strength effects, regardless of class.

Flensing Gaze – Power (Daily – Healing, Implement – Ranged 10) : Standard Action.
Effect : Make a standard ranged attack vs. Fortitude of any target, with a secondary attack against the same target; Hit = 3d8 damage + Con modifier. Secondary Attack : vs. Fortitude; the target takes 10 on-going damage (Save ends), and the caster gains 10 temporary HP.
Secondary Effect : The skin of anyone slain through this power appears as a new page in the Liber Mortis.

Hunger of Hadar – Power (Daily – Arcane, Implement, Necrotic, Zone) : Standard Action, Area Burst within 10 squares.
Effect : The burst creates a zone of darkness until the end of your next turn, blocking line-of-sight. Creatrures that enter the zone or start their turns there take 2d10 Necrotic damage.
Sustain Minor : When you sustain the power, you make a secondary attack. Secondary Attack : Each creature within the zone; Con vs Fortitude attack. Hit : d6+ Con modifier Necrotic damage.

  • The pages within this tome also include the caster to Control Undead equal to the caster’s level (as a class ability).
  • Hidden within the pages are written the alchemical recipes for various potions and elixers:


  • It would appear, hidden within the book’s pages are the secrets to converting oneself into a liche…
  • Lastly, within the pages of this tome are the secrets to create unique undead, converting a single dragon’s tooth into a skeleton under the control of the caster. The alchemical formula for this ritual is strewn throughout the book’s pages, and must be pieced together with time and study…

Little is known about the Liber Mortis, in where it originated, or, ultimately, why it was created. A foul and blasphemous thing, it nonetheless holds the keys to many valuable secrets of lore and magicks that tempt the soul. The more you study, and the more you work towards its goal of completing itself, the more it reveals…

Far more than a simple book, however, the Liber Mortis is imbued with lower planar energy, to the point that it has a will all its own. It cannot immediately dominate its user, however, using dreams and other lures, such as its own contents, to encourage its caster to delve into the dark secrets it holds, and allow its own rituals to dominate the actions of its caster.

The Liber Mortis

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