The Mark - Land of the Iron Dragon

Fallen Kingdom "...over the mountains..."


Situated in an isolated pocket in a western valley of The Beast Shards, The Mark is sheltered by the Dark Fence Mountains to the north-east, the Titan Head Mountains to the east, the Smoke Furnaces to the west, and a cold, lonely stretch of the Bay of Drek to the south. Its closest neighbors are Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom to the north, and the vast Tauri and Orkan-infested mountains of the Beast Shards to the east.

Due to its isolated position deep in the surrounding mountains, The Mark experiences unusual weather. Morning fog is common near the eastern end of the valley, especially in the Forsaken Vale itself, adding to the mystery of hauntings and worse from the area. Rain is plentiful, with short, violent thunderstorms. The entire valley experiences significant snowfall in Winter, especially along the highland portions and near the coast.

The handful of humans who remain in the region are typical “Common Men” of Coranik stock, being of olive skin tones with black hair and eyes. Sylvan elves are known to inhabit the Forsaken Vale and various eastern villages of the valley, and Khuzan (or dwarves) are known to live in the north-eastern stretch of mountains. Gnomes live among the hills of the southern mountains. Halflings are known to live in small, single-family units wherever they may, though few live away from the central river. All told, demi-humans make-up less than 20% of the total population.

The realm’s resources once included fur, wool, copper, silver, gold, timber and gemstones, though with the fall of the realm, very little actually is exploited today. Its roads remain fairly intact, though remarkably safe, due largely to the fact that most humanoids in the realm tend to take more direct overland paths and avoid the roads.


Perhaps the oldest “nation” of the area, its origins date back over a millenia to various creation myths in the local tribal legends, but more importantly, was once believed to be a one-time kingdom of lizardmen, whose ancestors ruled harshly over the various indigenous humanoid tribes of the region.

Established as a feudal monarchy, the realm was ruled by a Prince and allied to the northern realm of Cygnus. The national capital was the town of Gallorna – City of the Iron Dragon. Established with six High Lords, numerous minor elven nomadic tribes and a few dwarven and gnome communities in the mountain edges, the realm government has since been replaced by several ill-managed “provinces” commanded by various humanoid tribes inhabiting the various communities of the realm, and ruled by an unknown source from deep in the mountains.

The Mark - Land of the Iron Dragon

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