The Monastery of Magos

Ruined Shrine of the God of Magic


A large masonry manse atop a large isolated hill, the structure is built from massive blocks of limestone, and has lain here for centuries. Stained a light shade of green from the moss that has taken over its walls, the only signs of life, are black sooty scars along the top of its chimneys.

The roof is dilapidated, with large holes recently patched with tree bark. Rotting shingles lie at the base of the structure – further evidence of recent attempts at maintenance.

Most notably, a single, tall tower rises from the rear of the structure, reaching high to the clouds, and standing in stony contrast against the surrounding pine trees.


Little is known about the monastery’s origins, having been built here in seclusion and abandoned, some centuries prior to the establishment of Frandor’s Keep. Various engravings throughout the building hint that it might once have been dedicated to Magos, though there is no direct proof.

What is known, is that the central mosaics of the main hall depict a faceless wizard in crimson robes and a black scarf battling various foes. Each scene depicts flame being issued prominently through a wand, that always vanquishes his enemies. Small captions beneath each mosaic feature Draconic words, believed to be commands for the various illustrations; Ignition, Pyro-Column, Fan-Flame, Demi-Sol, Grand-Sol and Pyro-Columnade.

Recently, the ruins were home to a small band of goblins, who were holding the young woman Lady Alimira of Blackhill for the unknown menace, The Master.

The Monastery of Magos

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