The Painted Peaks


The Painted Peaks are a rugged range in the far western portion of The Beast Shards forming a low sloping shape, and forming the northern edge of Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom. Their northern slopes lead to the the deeper heart of the Beast Shards, beyond the Northern Uplands, and remain the haunt of orcs, dragons and worse. Their name comes from the spectacular sunrises that streak across the ridges and make the entire range seem on fire from the city of Pelargir – City of Ghosts.

These mountains are also home to a large number of minor tribes of ogre and gnoll. A small dwarven clan also lives somewhere in this region, though the dwarves are very secretive about the exact location of their homes. Most of these dwarfs trade in the town of Durik’s Delve, located snug against the mountains in the lee next to the Noblewood. One White dragon had been recorded in the mountian’s history.

The Wind’s Walk are the main road to get to the Painted Peaks, usually a clear windy, dry, mountainous trail. It is usually clear of monsters.

The Ice Caves are where the Ogres and Gnolls normally live. Only rarely have they spread to hound the Winds Walk and Mount Burning Eye. The white dragon Ciraxis has its lair in the Ice Caves and is the ruler of all trouble in Delving, including a tribe of ogres.

Mount Burning Eye is the highest mountain in the Painted Peaks. Once ogres and gnolls hounded the mountain though the dwarves of the mountains have long since put the tribes to the sword, and they fear travelling near the mountains slopes.

Durik’s Delve is a dwarven mining village. A place where the local clan travels to trade. The village has come under raids from ogre and gnoll, but the orcs generally leave it alone, having tested its defenses and noted its strength. A stronghold and fortified against attack, it is perhaps one of the strongest villages in the realm of Cygnus.


The mountains were long home to orcs and trolls, but after the orcs were united by the Drahken as soldiers, the orcs drove the trolls out. They soon were caught in the widening wars against the giants, and were secimated in large numbers during the wars.

A great horde led by Uthkrept came out of the range and its northern mountains to attack Frandor’s Keep in 962 TR, but they were defeated and forced to retreat. They hatched another swarm in 1037 TR, though in much reduced strength, and though raided widely were unable to halt the human menace encroaching on their traditional hunting lands.

It is said that a third swarm of orcs is still forming, planning on swarming south into Cygnus to once and for all put an end to the human kingdom to their south, but the validity of this remains in doubt.

The Painted Peaks

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