The Trackless Heights

Mountain Fastness of the Tauri


The Trackless Heights are a chain of dark peaks that mark the boundary between the realms of the former Coranik Empire and the western civilizations of Argoth. It occupies the northern portions of The Beast Shards, and is best-known as the homeland of The Tauri.

The greatest danger within these mountains are an entire clan of blue dragons known as the Morueme which reside in Morueme’s Cave on the high slope of the mountain peak aptly named Dragondoom. The dragons’ threat is only enhanced by the servitude of a large tribe of hobgoblins called the Red Flayers, who maintain the Doomspire, a citadel carved into the rock, and protecting their masters with an almost deific reverence. Their realm is located along the far eastern portion of the range.

On the northern slopes of the range are the Shadow Horn clan of Minotaur, and along the southern ranges lie the settlements of the Thousand Spears tribe. Together, they form an impressive army of brutal warriors that are a danger when the call of their masters, The Tauri raise them to raid or slay, as their own ancient Forgotten God demands. Although other tribes of Minotaur and Tauri exist to the south, these clans dominate trade, and combat across the Trackless Heights.


Many travelers avoid these peaks, because several of The Minotaur and Tauri tribes lair in the region, such as the Thousand Spears and the Shadow Horn tribes who fought ferociously over the Moon Pass, a large gorge that splits the mountains into its northern and southern ranges. Around a thousand years ago (372 TR), the Minotaur made an uneasy truce, making them the servants of their Tauri cousins, and often serving in the armies of The Tauri during their infrequent raids and wars into the lowlands.

The peaks are also home to dozens of other dangerous monster species making them one of the most inhospitable wild regions in all Argoth. There are even suggestions that portals or deepspawn are responsible for the amazing abundance of monsters roaming the higher slopes of the Trackless Heights. For those daring enough to brave the dangers, gold, silver, and copper could be mined in quantity. Finally, many adventurers hunted the mountains in search of the legends of lost caches of ancient primordial magic.

The Trackless Heights

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