Tir Feldar

Former Holding of Stonefist


Tir Fledar is a substantial village of Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom, independent of outside influence, and sitting at the base of The Howling, leading over the mountains to The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon.

Located some 100 miles east of Pelargir – City of Ghosts, along the trade road to the Lordship of Frisia, it occupies a valuable trade stop along the way. A traditional frontier settlement, it has a wooden palisade behind a dry moat, with a gate at both the northern and southern ends of the village. Several small watch towers are positioned along its length, intended to be manned with torches and spear-armed militia. The village itself is mostly farmers and herdsmen, with a handful of craftsmen, two shrines and a tavern that barely passes as an inn. Visitors are discouraged from staying in town, and they are encouraged instead to camp outside the village at the merchant trade house.

Outside the town, on a rocky ridge (known as “Lookout Ridge” ) above it to the east and over-looking the trade road leading up into the pass, is the remnants of the local castle. Now a burnt shell of the old keep and curtain walls, it once also housed a substantial temple to Larani – The Celestial Paladin, but it too was looted and burned during the Hateful Wars. In the years since its destruction, locals have pillaged many of the stones for their own dwellings and in repairing the damaged vineyard terraces north-west of the village. There is substantial talk in finding a mason and reinforcing the walls and moat from this source.

Local craftsmen include;

Innkeeper (“The One-Eyed Goose”) : ## $$$$ : Furnished in a spartan manner, with bright carpets on the walls, its floor is paved stone covered in rushes. A central hearth prepares basic roasts (squirrel, rabbit, chicken, and ham) and a stew of pottage and whatever meat the owner can acquire. The taproom doubles as a pantry, and is seperated by a simple cloth hanging. Wines are local vintages, but not especially good, due to the damage the vineyards took in the Hateful Wars. Beer is also difficult to find, and is imported from Pelargir and its villages, making prices higher than expected. The tavern does not usually offer lodging, but local heroes and trusted merchants are sometimes given leave to sleep around the hearth for the night at a nominal fee.

Owned by Tuveri Bladetongue, a noted rogue and former adventurer, he settled here during the Hateful Wars, and has been accepted by locals as a citizen despite his foreign voice and manners. Although he has purchased credentials as a Journeyman in the Innkeeper’s Guild, he lacks the skill-set needed to properly run such a place. He often leaves much of the day-to-day operations to his serving maid, Pomegranate, a skinny and boyish maid who happily serves food and drink and dispenses equal amounts of rumors. Helping around the place is Tuveri’s younger brother, Keviri, an idiot boy whose size belies his abilities. He cleans, does dishes and serves customers when things get busy, but locals do not laugh at his mistakes, because they fear his brother’s wrath.

Shrine of Korg : A single room timber building, similar in shape and style to a chapel, around a central stone hearth. The local cleric, Roland, a young priest from Pelargir is known to hold regular services, and sometimes has blessed relics available for sale to proven followers, or those seeking to help the community.

Shrine to Galana : Actually little more than a ring of standing stones located west of the village, it protects a remarkable oak sapling, replacing the former holy tree that was burned during the Hateful Wars. The tree never loses its foliage despite harsh or inclement weather, and seems to grow quickly when damaged. The shrine has no permanent caretaker, beyond an old badger that lives in a cave beneath the hill, and is known to hunt those that damage the sapling without just cause. Remarkably intelligent, the badger is considered a member of the community, and hunters face local wrath if anything should happen to it.

Black Raven Manor : ## $$$ : Home to Reeve Dierdrui MacFeldar, this large, rambling manor also houses the local winery, brewing the Black Raven vintage of wines. The stone manor is actually rather well-fortified, and is the rallying point for the local militia, with its main hall often acting as the local court, with the Reeve acting in the absence of a local lord. Local wines are fairly tart and poor but recovering their potency and sweetness.

Metalworker (Smith) : ### $$$ : Niall, the Black, is a powerful former military smith, who is talented as a basic blacksmith, but dares not touch weapons, especially magical ones, unless given spoken consent to do so. He is passable in most other smithing matters.

Hideworker (Cobbler) : ### $$$ : Typical production of leather boots, low shoes and sandals. However, the local cobbler Rothari produces a masterwork called Dragon Scale Boots, which though actually snakeskin, prove to be both stylish and durable.

Hideworker (Furrier) : ### $$$ : Making good business from buying pelts that arrive from over the pass, as well as from the wilderness north and east of the village, Ewin Bark sometimes produces custom-made fur clothing (cloaks and surcoats), but generally sends most interested in such to his neighbor, the Clothier. Typical furs include; Hare (1 sp), Marten (2 sp), Wolf (5 gp), and Mountain Cat (10 gp).

Clothier (Tailor) : ### $$$ : Rosemund Snowfleece is a plump journeyman clothier, whose skills are capable of turning even battle-damaged clothing into something substantially more attractive in 1-2 days. A widow, some say her husband was spirited away by a woods faerie, with two children of an age to assist her in the shop. She only makes new clothing on commission.

Potter : ### $$$ : Barston Silverskin and his family produce a typical range of goods such as small clay pots (5 sp) to large grain storage urns (5 gp).

Clothier (Tailor) : ### $$$ : Taldi Shearer and his wife Faradice produce a usual range of basic clothing for local use. They also produce some outfits for merchant’s, but usually only make such expensive things on consignment. Faradice is well-known as the town gossip, and rumor has it Taldi has been seeing Bettina, a local widow who weaves goat hair for a living, behind her back.

Chandler (“Red Tower Trading”) : ### $$$ : A typical assortment of goods can be found at Red Tower Trading, including some basic adventurer’s goods (anything under 10 gps in small quantities), such as rope, candles, lanterns, and lamp oil. Hjordis is an older widow who helps her lover Karston Hammer, the owner of the shop, in his business. A good friend of Revare, the Tailor, the two spend many hours talking in this shop, with Revare bringing her work with her. Hjordis is whip-smart and shrewd, and has brought fortune to the shop through some cutting-edge deals with passing merchants. Karston is often away, running his trade wagon between Pelargir and Frisia. While travelling, he is accompanied by his nephew Fedora, and usually a couple hired mercenaries for safety. He is best known for having a relationship with some of the goblin merchants out of the Celestial Woods.

“Axestone Manor” : ### $$$ : Owned by the ancient Axestone Clan, they are the wealthiest people in the village. When the orcs and giants sacked the town and burnt the castle, the Axestone clan were in the high pastures feeding their goats. By the end of the war, they were the only locals with stock alive, and quickly established their new clan’s destiny. Today, they run several hundred head of goats, providing the town with milk, hair for spinning, and meat for their tables. Led by Riva Axestone, the current matriarch of the clan, a spirited twenty-one (21), she runs the place like a business, and crunches numbers constantly. She is also a closet-historian regarding fae activities in the region.


Founded hundreds of years ago, the village was the site of the local Rookring clan’s main operations, but with the fall of the local noble family as well as its castle in 1042 TR, the village became led by a loose council of village elders, led by the indomitable Dierdrui MacFeldar.

Recently, the village was slowly being strangled by The Ghost Riders, when the Fierce Creatures arrived and put the raiders to the sword, taking Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark as their own holding across the pass. Today, several young women rescued from the fortress have been employed by the Fierce Creatures as servants, and the two communities remain friendly, though isolated by the harrowing two-day journey across The Howling.

Tir Feldar

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