Tomb of the Forgotten


Found in a distant corner of the eastern depths of The Dark Fence, is the dark pyramidal structure of The Tomb of the Forgotten. Hidden from casual perception, the tomb has been carved (or grown) from the heart of the mountain it resides on, a massive and fearsome place, its portals glowing with the fires of its denizens.

The true purpose of the Tomb of the Forgotten remains unknown to this day.


Built in a forgotten Age, a secret place of the ancient worship of The Forgotten God and the storage of its eldritch power and relics, the Tomb of the Forgotten remains an enigma. Certainly once an important place of pilgrimage and worship, it remains abandoned and its host unknown.

In the centuries and millenia since, its has been used as a lair for beasts and fell creatures. Some have moved on, and others descended into the depths of the place, drawn by foul magicks and worse. It has remained forgotten like its god, a dim recollection of ancient mage’s rambling tomes and crumbing stone stele found in distant corners of the world. Of those who have dwelt here for a time, none certainly knew what it was.

At present, the ruins are occupied by a strong mountain giant and its band of norkers. The giant has certainly summoned other creatures to its aid, and occupied the upper levels of the place, raiding and parting with coins in payment for supplies brought to it by the giant’s minions, it has certainly established a secure lair of its own. Rumor places gnolls, ogres and trolls in his service as well, and possibly other lesser giants.

Tomb of the Forgotten

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