Bloodright : Rise of the Border Princes

Land of Mist & Mystery

The Rhyme of the Lost Hermit

“Two for the Dwarves, in their halls of gold;
Three for the Elves, mid their bowers and bows;
Five for the race of Man, for their fire and grace;
That all might know why, and all have a place…"

How Adventurers are regarded on Argoth

Adventurers. Wandering sellswords regarded as dangerous men to be handled carefully and duped (if possible) in assisting one’s own position, but always regarded as “Outlanders”, since they live outside society.

To the common folk, these “outlanders” mean trouble; bandits and brigands at best, rampaging monsters at worst. Treat them with distant politeness if they prove civil but too strong to defy or trick; gang up on them and remove them from the area as quickly as possible if they can be defeated or duped to leave. To local lords and other wealthy upper classes, they are to be respected as long as they obey the traditions and laws of the land. They are, however, to be regarded watchfully at all times, as troubles of any conceivable sort could erupt.

Bands of adventurers, however, form a different position in society. Treated more like a mercenary band, they are accepted by people if they can be associated to a specific banner or crest, upon which their reputation hangs. Excessive use of magicks or powerful artifacts that alter the status quo quickly bring even the local noble’s wrath down upon them. Exile is the least of concerns, as other adventurers are often hired to deal with perceived threats of this magnitude.

In all cases, the people of the Dominioons do not have a deep love for wandering sellswords or adventurers, and take a dim view of those who result to tense situations with threats, violence, magic and generally sneaky behaviour.

Sometimes, local lords hire adventurers to bolster their armies, or hunt down monsters in the wildlands. Pay can be low, offering room, board and 2cp per day for a “soldier”, or up to 5sp per day for a personal “bodyguard”. The more mercenary tasks, such as monster-hunting often is triple the standard fee (around 1 gp per day), with a promise to allow the adventurers keep any loot or booty that cannot be traced to its owners, that they happen upon. Some bands make a killing in salvaged weapons and armor being resold to markets or the lord himself at a discounted rate. Some powerful lords, however, might promise much but be slow in repayment, as they have the ability to wait.

The most common duty adventurers might find is as bandit-hunters. Great wealth lies in successful bandits lairs, and nobles are often willing to pay in land or titles for the removal of particularly difficult bandit “lords”. Sometimes, the line between bandit-lord and neighboring nobleman, however, can be a matter of discussion with the king…


Much of Argoth, particularly its mountains and woodlands, are little visited by civilized folk. There is always, however, a claim on the land, and it would do adventurers well to consult with the local political powers before claiming or altering the landscape for whatever purposes. Mountain strongholds are particularly imperiled by giants, orcs, trolls and The Tauri, and are often already claimed or occupied by the elder peoples; elves and dwarves.

Nevertheless, vast tracts of wilderness are abundantly available for exploitation, and the strong of will and body can carve out realms for themselves. Eager adventurers are reminded that the foundation of a kingdom can take a lifetime or more, and is neither safe nor easy…


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