Fae Courts

With the Recent (and still ongoing) trip to the Shadow Fae Court, Argyle has had to battle his perceptions and struggle to pierce the glamours that hide those of higher rank from his eyes. Watching his Allies make utter fools of themselves has been illuminating and somewhat embarrassing. As always he attempts to guide those with him with subtle wisdom and failing that forges the way ahead with the wise application of brute strength. Time may be against him though, as he has just come to realize that the courts are INFESTED with goblins. GOBLINS! ARRGGGHH.

Argyle has Hit Paragon.

Having returned to the lower courts with the rest of the Party, Argyle ventured to the Smithy with the plan of refitting the Ogre sized Elven Plate. (From beating one of the Footmen Guards) But due to his recent rise in Status he was surprised to find a a Goblin his Size working the Forge and Anvil. As a fellow craftsman (Putting aside the issue of Race) he Politely requested the use of the area for his project. Which resulted in a bit of Professional Rivalry. The Goblin Smith, Ten Pound Hammer, challenged him to a Contest of Craft (Skill Challenge Complexity 2) and Argyle responded in style. Reaching into the Fire with his bare hand and pulling out a strip of unformed metal before placing it calmly down and proclaiming ’Let’s get to it Then’. (First Skill Check Endurance, Natural 20 – Two Successes) It ended up being no real contest as Argyle ‘Educated’ Ten Pound Hammer in the finer points of Superior Dwarven Metal Working. (6 Successes in 5 Rolls No Fails). By the end of the challenge Argyle had gained the Smith’s respect and had, surprisingly, also crafted a Magical Weapon. (Jagged Executioner Axe +3 – Re-skinned to look like a long cleaver sword)


Having attained the necessary Status to finally see courtiers and glamoured fey on the first level of the keep grounds, Argyle goaded a Member of the ‘Ravens’ into challenging him for a duel. Since he was was the one being challenged, the negative repercussions (due to it not being dueling season) were assumed by his challenger. Wanting to make an Impression, Argyle chose to have the duel on the cliffs overlooking the forest and at the foot of the second level of the keep. His foe, Josha (Shadow Fey Duelist), made an impressive figure eight with his sword … and fumbled the attack badly, his blade flashing off to the side. And before he was able to say the words ‘Wait I lost my …’ Argyle sidestepped and hit him with a Rune of Divine Thunder, blasting him clean off the cliff. As the Fey fell Argyle did a little victory pose before walking off nonchalantly. Several of Josha’s allies flashed off to save him from the ‘Dementor’ guardians while Brightspur offered him a spot in the Raven’s and a Throwing Hammer of Long Range +3

Having eaten at the feast, fetched the beautiful courtesan Ulara, and dueled the poor Brightspur, Argyle finds himself circling ever higher in the court’s eyes. He also finds himself magically Dominated by said Courtesan and wondering what Brightspur might do now that the duel is over and he didn’t throw the match in the Fae’s favour. He grows ever more wary of the shifting shadows that are the Court.

Final Entry
Events unfolded quickly after the feast. Argyle’s status within he courts continued to rise and soon he and his group were given audience with the Queen. Unfortunately the only person able to accompany him was Drew the Avaricious as they had to ascend a misty spiral staircase that was out of phase. Only those with a high enough status could see it, let only climb it. Leaving the others behind the two climbed into the sky from the keep and eventually broke through the cloud cover to be illuminated by moonlight and the pulse of countless stars.


It is said that negotiations were soon entered and a deal struck despite several missteps and inadvertent gaffs. (Diff 4 Challenge) Argyle was given a Grey Stone Dagger that would allow access to the Labyrinth that led to the moonlit king’s tower.

Within the Labyrinth they encountered a Fae Mother looking for her lost child. Her eyes had been removed through some form of magic and despite the parties mistrust Argyle promised to do what he could to help her find her daughter. In return they received information about the people trapped here, and the guardian who protected it.


After meeting and defeating the Eye Golem, they reunited mother with daughter the group moved on to the tower. Confronting the Moonlit king, they managed to secure a temporary lifting of the Shadow Realms claim on the town and area for 100 years. To Argyle this was a good deal as those with shorter lifespans would long be dead by the time the claim was renewed and none of it was Dwarven Business. Argyle also managed to pick up the King’s Orb before the group was transported back to the mortal realm. Ending his adventures with the Shadow Fae.

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Fae Courts

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