Argyle Ulfhræfen "Iron Beard"

Dwarven Fighter / Rune Priest Hybrid


Argyle is tall for a Dwarf, just shy of five feet, with a strongly muscled physique and surprisingly good looks. His long red hair is shaved a on the sides and kept in a thick braid at the back. His magnificent beard has several small runic stones braided into it that occasionally clink together as he walks.

He is currently wearing Scale Mail armor and wields a finely crafted Dwarf Maul. He has also just recently picked up a shield and plans on getting himself an Axe.

He also proudly displays the Mark of the Raven Queen in the form of a Platinum and Obsidian broach.


A noble in exile, Argyle has been cast out from the mountain holds of the Iron wrought clans.

Although Next in line for leadership he was forced to abandon everything, including his beloved sister Adahlia, to avoid severe consequences for crimes he did not commit. Swearing upon sacred runes, he left, never to return.

To Argyle only Dwarves matter in the long scheme of things. He will always place Dwarven interests first and he does not hide this fact. This racial pride has not prevented him from forming strong friendships with those other races. Unless you’re an Elf (Flighty, Light Footed, Beautiful Bastards) or part of the Goblin family (Death to all and let the Ravens sort the piles).

Argyle prefers to buy Dwarven made equipment and goes out of his way to support Dwarven merchants with his patronage. He will gladly spend more than is required for goods he can trust. He also understands that the only place to get Dwarven beer is through those same merchants.

An Engineer by trade, Argyle was hired to make repairs to a castle occupied by the Fierce Creatures. He was then drawn into their adventures with the promise of loot and the use of an ancient Dwarven Relic, The Maul of the Titans. He is currently using the group as a means to make himself a small fortune.

With the castle repairs nearly complete he has turned his attention to the small town adjacent. With permission from all involved he has put forwards a plan to demolish the lousily (I mean seriously this looks Orc Built) created human structures and replace them with solid Dwarven buildings. He also plans to design and raise an actual, properly defensible, fort town.

He has earned the Nickname ‘Iron Beard’.

Fae Courts
Against the Giants

Argyle Ulfhræfen "Iron Beard"

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