King Mogthrasir of Tjalf


The unmarried king of the The Land of Toil, King Mogthrasir is the ruler of the giants and orcs that seized The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon in 1042 TR, and is always planning and plotting for more lands to conquer. He is shrewd, always thinking of the “big picture” without losing sight of the details, willing to take advice from his councilors, but acting decisively when the occasion calls for it. Tough and strong, he wears bronze-chased black iron platemail of fine workmanship, displaying his wealth and position in the realm. His blade is an impressive iron greatsword, chased in gold filigree and engraved with runes of great power. With his armor, self-confidence, and royal regalia (including a cloak made from the wings and hide of a copper dragon), King Mogthrasir is an impressive sight – of normal height, but with the broad shoulders popular among his people, hair of bright flaming orange like a mountain sunset, and a close-cut beard.

King Mogthrasir openly enjoys his “flatland” realm, although he admits it’s colder than he might like. If he can guarantee his hold over his domain for a few more years, he has expressed a desire to invade Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom again, and possibly Pelargir – City of Ghosts itself, when the time is right.These invasions would be possible, if he can convince the handful of small fire giant tribes still in the Hellfurnaces to unite under his banner, and possibly with the aid of a red dragon or two.

King Mogthrasir is known to have two captains, Hrymner and Naglskoltyr, who deal with the lesser administrative matters of ruling the realm. Hyrmner is responsible for the information and diplomatic matters, while Naglskoltyr keeps the servants of his lord in line. He is well-known to bring his gaint-slaying sword against any who oppose Mogthrasir’s rule, even other giants, and is not well-liked by his own giant-kin.

Under the King are four more lesser captains; Gillmyr who looks after Pest’s Crossing and Caer Thrasmotnir; Fimagull, who oversees trade and tribute; Nartung, who coordinates military training and commands the realm’s armies; and Forngotr, who is both shaman and spiritual adviser. The remaining fire giants in the castle act much as noble knights, and take charge of patrols and ensuring slave workers stay in line.


King Mogthrasir led a band of fire giants and their hell hounds through The Hellfurnaces to the town of Pest’s Crossing, with the intent to conquer a kingdom. using fire and his troll and ogre soldiers to best effect, he sacked the town early in The Hateful Wars.

He declared himself “King” and named his new lands Tjalf, meaning “Toil” in Giant. He and his minions quickly gathered power and offered the local humans two choices; continue working the Hornwoods to gather timber for export, or die. Most chose the former. Other human workers were brought in from nearby Oxmeet and Gallorna – City of the Iron Dragon, to plant the increasing clearings with wheat. A large hill was raised north-east of town, and a great castle named Caer Thrasmotnir was built on its crown, with rock dragged down from the Hellfurnaces. Lastly, a great stone-lined moat was built all around the town, making it fortified and protected from casual intrusion. It is likely the best defended town in the realm. King Mogthrasir thinks big and long-term.

King Mogthrasir of Tjalf

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