Jeweller's Apprentice


Nepra, is a young girl who serves the Jeweller, Vaas, in Frandor’s Keep. She spends her days exchanging small amounts of currency between national types; either Westwind – The Emerald Realm, Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom, or Land of the Two Princes. She grants passes to individuals seeking to exchange larger sums of currency, to visit her master in the Upper Bailey. Otherwise, she spends time learning her trade or deep in studying the books that interest her.

A young, bookish blond, she has an aura of innocence about her, and seems to keep to herself. She seems od high Will, and speaks various national languages required by her job.


Beyond having been here as an apprentice for many years, little is known about Nepra at this time.

She has become Drew the Avaricious’s lover, and accompanied him into the fiercely wild region of The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon. She is presently being certified as a Journeyman Merchant, taking her lessons from the resident representative of The Mangai in Shadowfang – “Pebble”., Pol Marblehold.


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