Lord Commander Thorin Brightshield

Lord Commander of Fort Bloodthorne


Thorin is gruff looking dwarf with dirty blond hair and beard. looking more like ranger than warlord. He has a heavy crossbow and a seldom used axe. He currently wears radiant
Sunleaf armour of leather, but knows how to wear stronger armour. On his left pectoral, he a the burn scar of a crescent moon.


Thorin is from The Kingdom of Azadmere where the Brightshields are a clan of warriors and professional soldiers. Thorin left the Kingdom after a disagreement over the honour of a dwarven maiden with a noble’s son. the incident cause his clan some trouble until he choose to leave the kingdom. since then he travel the other kingdom’s selling his crossbow to those that will pay him. This has cause a sliding of his morals and a growing fondness for non-dwarven woman, He tolerance of non-dwarves has increased greatly only his racial hate of Green skins and there ilk remains. he retains a strong love of dwarven made goods and Alcohol. He just wander through the winter of the realm following a part of tracks in the hope of finding an adventuring group. This perhaps foolish plan led to the Fierce Creatures.
After several adventures with the Fierce Creatures they returned to to Stonefist Castle, where he was given leave to wander. Noticing the reasonable fortification Thorin took it upon himself to look after the Militia and possibility of the Spring Campaign against the Giants. Thorn now styles himself as Lord Commander of the forces of Stonefist and dreams of making a real army out the rag tag forces some how.

His journey into the faewild and then into the realm of the shadow fae has been interesting but not enjoyable. He made sacrifices and compromises in the Shadow Fae realm to move forward in status but the yo-yo affect he been under just makes him wish it was all over. Everything has become a frustration. all his hard work means seems to mean nothing as he seems to like Thomas sit behind the eight ball during this adventure. The Time end with his marking by the Shadow King and the agreement to at some point destroy the Cockroach Demon lord. He greeted his return to Stonefist with much personal joy, his ageing 10 years was near meaningless though it affects on other remains to be seen.

On his return he tried to shape up the Militia before Drew came forward with plan to attack Fort Bloodthorn. Taking command of the Militia he has moved out with the rest of the forces to liberate the Fort from the hands of the orcs.

After a long but luckily not too taxing a fight, Fort Bloodthorne has been captured by the Fierce Creatures, Thorin has taken to organizing the forces of the Fierce Creatures for the next step. Both Ash and Fengrick have divided their forces into small scouting Parties to scout the area to the south of Fort Bloodthorne. The Hobgoblins have taken over the orc section of the fort and have cleared out any remaining Orcs or Goblins. Thorin has taken the centre sections and began establishing a patrol of the centre section and with what ever help he can find cleaning out the Palace, to make habitable for the Fierce Creatures. He also drafting letters and posting in the hope of attracting people to fight for the Fierce Creature against the Giants. Having manages to recruit Hill Giants, and now after the defeat of the Fire giants, they are armed and armoured with the Fire Giant supplies. The trip by Air Skift has allowed Him to understand greater areas that are allied with the Creatures. Thorin wants to make sure such allies are maintained.

Lord Commander Thorin Brightshield

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