Copper Beard

Argyle – The March to Mogthrasir.

With minimal resupplies done and orders given for the protection and continued projects within Fort Bloodthorn, the assault of Tika was put forwards. Some of the group wanted stealth tactics, others wanted to scout and test but in the end the Plans of Fangrik and Argyle were put into motion.

The plan was to simply enter the town and kill what they came across.

They managed to kill a Sleeping Hill Giant before it could wake, and immediately crossed to the warehouse next door that housed Eshirg, the Earth Titan. The fight was quick and brutal as the fierce creatures controlled the flow and pace. When at last she had fallen, Argyle had the doors cracked open so that a dark opening would be seen by those without and speaking in Giant he invited the Ogres from the barracks across the streets to enter and meet their leader.

The ogres chose to flee with the rest of the Hill GIants.

Gathering the people they returned with them to Fort Bloodthorn as a temporary measure to protect them and to help rebuild the Fort.

Tika has since been renamed to Copperbeard.

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Copper Beard

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