Fort Bloodthorn

Argyle’s Journals – Continued

1 Year had passed within the Mortal realm during their 2 week foray within the Fae courts. Worse was the damage it caused to those who returned as they all aged the equivalent of 14 years. For Argyle and Thorin it mattered little. But the Gnoll Fangrik found himself facing the cold steps of death as he quickly approached the end of his natural span.

Argyle made note of this in his Runes.

Now that the Shadow Courts had been postponed for at least 100 years, the group was free to turn their focus towards the Fire Giants that had come and subjugated the lands beyond Fort Bloodthorn. Despite Argyle’s protests he was given command of The Band of the Red Hand. And even though he made no attempts to hide his hatred for Goblinoid kind, he stepped up and commanded the force well, managing to control the casualties to a minimum when they finally assaulted the Bloodthorn fort. His only solace was that by using the Hobgoblins to Wipe out the Orcs he was at least pitting one evil against another and no meaningful lives were lost.

When the fort fell, Argyle gave strict instructions to kill all the Orcs. He also instructed the band to spare any Half-Orcs and non Goblin or Ogre people. If any were to disobey his orders he would kill those responsible himself. As those instructions were carried out he immediately set about making plans for rebuilding, fortifying and re-populating. Argyle also defaced a Fane to some Dragon God and has plans on rededicating it to the Raven Queen.

As a side note Thorin Brightshield has become the newest Convert to the Raven Queen.

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Fort Bloodthorn

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